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Welcome to Waterway, an aquatic center for all. Our center specializes in aquatic activities that address needs of infants and adults. At our center we have provisions for a warm pool and an indoor pool. We specialize in unique methodology, which combines a holistic and developmental approach. All our activities at WaterWay aquatic center are being performed in our specialized pools, which comply with the highest health standards in the country. In Addition, all of our swimming lessons are conducted in our indoor pools, which deliver a year-round comfort and satisfaction. Our swimming Instructors are professionals in the field of swimming and waterpolo, with the highest level of accredidation recognized worldwide in teaching infants and adults and take all the necessary precautions while conducting the swimming lessons, as your safety is very important to us. The pools at the WaterWay aquatic centers are heated to 34.5 Degree Celsius (94 Degrees Fahrenheit) to insure a soothing relaxation. We aim to create a fun environment for our members giving them a truly pleasurable aquatic experience. So come and join us in one of our worldwide aquatic centers and experience the true meaning of following the WaterWay. We guarantee your pleasure!

Water exercise is one of the best activities a person can do when it comes to cardiovascular fitness with minimal joint impact. Our water exercise class participants burn calories and tone troubled spots while having a great time! Water exercise comes in many forms from water walking to strength training. Waterways USA offers a complete class line-up to maximize your water exercise experience. By asking yourself the following questions you, too, should discover the benefits of adding regular water exercise to your schedule. Do you want to stay fit and maintain your figure? Are you suffering from joint pain? Are you pregnant and want to stay active for the benefit of you and your baby? At Waterway USA we have a water exercise solution for everyone. Our water exercise classes are suitable for all types of people from all walks of life. From babies to seniors, we can help you. Water exercise is a fun activity and also has many healthy fitness benefits. Water offers natural resistance that will strengthen your muscles even if you do not know how to swim. Slim belly fat, tighten back sides, and be amazed as you lose weight and feel great! Water Exercise is great for Parkinson’s Patients People living with Parkinson’s disease understand how crucial exercise is for preserving quality of life. Unfortunately, Parkinson’s patients often experience depression as they focus on the “hopeless nature” of the disease. When actively participating in water exercises and rehabilitation efforts, Parkinson’s patients discover the added benefit of mental wellness. They are able to focus on achieving their fitness goals and taking control of their future. Waterway USA works with Parkinson’s patients to maximize balance, mobility, and walking with zero joint and muscle pain. Whether swimming, walker walking, or participating in water aerobics, our goal is to increase flexibility and prevent stiff joints. Our team of trained aquatic instructors will construct a unique water exercise plan that fits each Parkinson’s patient’s needs. Water Exercise for Stroke Patients Swim therapy may be one of the best rehabilitation methods for stroke patients. Any trauma to joints and muscles is alleviated by the buoyancy of water. Stoke patients stay strong with water exercise which will go a long way when promoting healthy brain activity. Deep water allows a stroke patient to improve his or her walking and range of motion. Stroke patients can utilize weights in the water and increase balance and core strength. Waterways instructors are keenly aware of how difficult stroke rehabilitation can be and will work to maximize results with the least amount of negative joint, muscle, and bone impact! FREE one lesson When You Book Any 4 Class Package!



Swim lessons are for people of all ages. However, often an adult or small child struggles with the idea of getting his or her face wet. Nervous adults would love to keep one foot on the shoreline or ground while swimming but it just isn’t possible. Waterway USA can unlock a person’s natural talent for swimming when they themselves think it is impossible. Through our progressive style of swim lessons, anxious swimmers soon discover how talented they truly are in the water. We hear a lot of feedback from our participants, do the following questions sound familiar in your own life? Do you, or a loved one want to learn how to swim? Did you or a loved one suffer water related trauma at some point in your life? Have your children learned to swim but still have some fears or doubts about their own skills? Did you send your kids to summer swim camp but now they need a quick refresher? The Waterway staff has seen it all! No willing person has ever been disappointed with his or her swimming success. Our results are customized to fit each person individually. We deal with all kinds of different cases of individuals who simply learned to swim the wrong way or were perhaps traumatized at some point during their lives. We are so confident with our methodology that if you are not satisfied with our results we will refund your money completely. Come and let us do what we do best…

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Infant swimming or baby swimming is a fun activity for parents and their infants in an environment that resembles the same environment that the infants or babies developed in. At Waterway, our swim lessons for infants are designed in a manner that builds a special bond between the infants and their parents. These activities for baby swimming includes exercises, singing and the use of toys and games that will trigger all aspects of the infant development. Your child will learn proper water safety and be taught how to float and breathe until help arrives. Smaller infants from the age of six months are naturally inclined to infant swimming because their natural response is to hold their breath under water. Waterway USA emphasizes building a foundation that will serve infants and babies over the course of their lifetimes. Why Infant and baby swimming? At Waterway, we believe that are primary clients are the future of tomorrow. The parents and their babies and infants undergo swimming lessons that are based on the natural instinct of the infants and babies to hold their breath. In recent years, research has revealed that infant swimming or baby swimming triggers the subconscious mind, which forces the infant to further develop the baby’s cognitively and physical abilities. This development is due to the similarity in the aquatic environment at Waterway and a mother’s womb. The infants also develop better skills, balance and coordination via swimming. Many parents discuss the importance of infant swimming because the family resides by a body of water such as a lake or river. Mothers and fathers alike are concerned about their infants reaching the water alone and being unable to survive. Waterway offers an excellent heated indoor pool with aquatic toys and learning tools designed to promote infant swimming success. Another unique aspect of teaching infants and babies to swim indoors is that instructors teach in a warm heated pool creating a neutral environment that is not threatening to the child.

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